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This book is a pilgrimage in Paris in the 1920s. It is a perfect annotation and true restoration of "The Sun Rises Still" and "Flowing Feast".
The author traces the footsteps of the writer Hemingway, using the five parts of "inspiration", "craftsmanship", "influence", "love" and "calling", using elegant and exquisite text, with 90 photos of Paris scenery, exploring the spiritual resonance of Hemingway and Paris, telling him Love and friendship life in Paris. Through the "live" reproduction, it penetrates the streets and all kinds of places in Paris, and lingers in churches, museums, parks, squares, opera houses, taverns, cafes, restaurants, private residences, etc., and depicts a bright world of stars Capital of art.

Robert Wheeler
Professor, lecturer, photojournalist, writing and Ernest Hemingway research courses at Southern University of New Hampshire. He has been exposed to Hemingway's literary works since 1986 and has become a loyal fan of Hemingway. Guided by Hemingway's works, he visited France, Italy, Spain, Africa, Cuba and other places, trying to explore the creative motivation and inspiration behind Hemingway's works.



Cover photo: Robert Wheeler
Client : CITIC Press Corporation
Year :2017