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Chinese History General Lectures (a total of four volumes), this series of books include "Ancient Titles", "Ancient Officials", "Ancient Wars", "Ancient Army".

Yuan Tingdong
Graduated from the History Department of Sichuan University in 1965. He has been engaged in editing work for publishing houses for a long time. In 1983, he participated in the establishment of Bashu Book Club. In Sichuan University and other universities, he has also offered courses such as "The History of Ancient Chinese Culture". He has authored more than 30 kinds of books such as "Zhou Yi Elementary" and "Chengdu Street Alley".

中国历史通识讲堂(共四册), 这套丛书有《古代的称谓》 ,《古代的职官》,《古代的战争》,《古代的军队》。


Client : CITIC Press Corporation
Year :2017

"Ancient Army" is the hard work of Mr. Yuan Tingdong to comb and study ancient military classics. The book discusses all aspects of military success or failure, such as soldiers, generals, training, weapons, barracks, rewards and punishments, and grain and grass. It is an excellent reading for introducing ancient Chinese military culture.


This book comprehensively introduces the ancient official system, which is divided into categories and is easy to understand. And cited a large number of famous historical figures, sweeping the boring and cumbersome of such books in the past. Finally, the index is carefully listed, concise and practical, and easy to query. For history-readers, this is a classic reading for the record.


Mr. Yuan Tingdong's "Ancient War" is based on detailed historical data citations and solid documentary evidence. It discusses topics such as fanfare, reconnaissance, communication, marching, combat, formation law, and strategy, and analyzes all aspects of ancient warfare. . The book's logic is clear and its writing is popular. It is a valuable introduction to ancient Chinese war.


The Title of the Ancients is a pioneering work that fills a long-standing gap in the field. This book has done detailed researches on surnames, first names, self-proclaimed names, other names, respected names, and modest titles, as well as various titles of emperors and ethnic minorities. The text is concise and concise.


Client : CITIC Press Corporation
Year :2017