Book Design

This is a novel that tells the story of a blind date. The heroine in the book is very good-looking, but on the way to study, she has become a “older survivor”. Helpless, she was arranged many times by relatives and friends. During the blind date, a variety of men were encountered, including men with different personalities, such as Ma Bao, Phoenix, Peacock, and Narcissus. From some perspectives, they reflected social issues such as love, marriage, and education. The work is humorous and full of philosophical speculation.

Zhou Wanjing, a young scholar and writer. Visiting scholar at the Department of Philosophy, Brown University, USA, PhD in Art from Peking University, Master of Cultural Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Film Art from City University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Film from Stockholm University, Sweden. Former editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Collection.



Client: Unity Press