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Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007), the most important and influential representative of black humorous literature in the 20th century in the United States, and a postmodernist writer. His work expresses tragedy in the form of comedy, laughs in the face of disaster, absurdity, despair, and leads a generation through the American social life disrupted by war and greed in the second half of the 20th century. The New York Times calls him "anti- Cultural novelist. " Representative works include "The Cradle of Cats", "Abattoir No. 5", "Breakfast for Champions" and "Prisoner Bird". He once said humorously, "I know who I am, weighing a few pounds or two, and I write so well, it really offends everyone."

库尔特•冯内古特(Kurt Vonnegut,1922—2007),20世纪美国最重要、最有影响力的黑色幽默文学代表人物,后现代主义作家。他的作品以喜剧形式表现悲剧内容,在灾难、荒诞、绝望面前发出笑声,引领一代人穿越了20世纪下半叶被战争与贪婪搅乱的美国社会生活,《纽约时报》称他为“反文化小说家”。代表作有《猫的摇篮》《五号屠场》《冠军早餐》《囚鸟》等。他曾幽默地说:“我知道自己是什么人,有几斤几两,我写得这么好,真是冒犯大家了。”