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Book Design
Cover illustration: Wang Zengqi

Client : CITIC Press Corporation


This book collects all the food essays of Mr. Wang Zengqi, divided into five parts: "meat eaters are not contemptible", "the story of vegetarian food", "the taste of hometown", "the food of the Quartet", and "there is culture with eating and drinking".Going south and north, food first, the fragrant words reflect not only Wang Lao's intriguing attitude to life, but also the profound and profound Chinese culture.

Wang Zengqi (1920-1997), Gaoyou, Jiangsu, contemporary writer, essayist, dramatist, gourmet; known as "lyrical humanitarian, China's last pure literati, China's last scholar-official".


汪曾祺(1920—1997),江苏高邮人,当代作家、散文家、戏剧家、美食家; 被誉为“抒情的人道主义者,中国最后一个纯粹的文人,中国最后一个士大夫”。