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Book Design
Cover illustration: Wang Zengqi
Client : CITIC Press Corporation

This book also includes Dazaiji's representative "female body" novel "Sunset Sun" based on his lover Ota Shizuko as the heroine's protagonist. It describes a day when the sun of the noble house fell to the west; Where will the "nobility" go in the end.

Dazaiji (1900-1948)
Novelist and representative writer of Japanese "rogue". His real name was Tsujima Tsushima, and he was born in the area of the Monmon family. He studied in the French Department of the University of Tokyo and was expelled from the post. He has written more than forty books, and is decadently gloomy or brisk. His works have been called "the pyramid of the Showa literature" by later generations. He still has a large number of young readers for more than half a century after his death.
Dazai has attempted suicide four times since he was 20 years old. He used the words of his characters to say "funny, it is my last courtship to humans ..."; in the same year, he left the unfinished humorous novel "Goodbye" with the last words "I have no heart Write again, deliberately go to death, "and lover and died. 39 years old.