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Client : shaanxi normal university publishing general

Jia Pingwa was born in Danfeng, Shaanxi in 1952. Graduated from Chinese Department of Northwest University. Now he is the vice chairman of China Writers Association and the chairman of Shaanxi Writers Association. He has written novels such as "Fantasy", "Abandoned City", "Qin Qiang", "Ancient Furnace", and "Shanben", etc. His works have been translated into English, French, German, and Japanese and published in over 30 foreign languages. He has won more than 40 domestic and foreign awards, including the French Femina Literature Award, the 7th Mao Dun Literature Award, and the 4th Chinese Literature Media Award.


This book is a collection of prefaces and postscripts of all the novels published by Jia Pingwa. The angles are novel and unique. Although it is the preface and postscript of the novel, each article can also be used as an independent reading of the beautiful text, which not only helps readers to understand the content of the novel more comprehensively and deeply, but also can see how a great work was born, which is in-depth A window into Jia Pingwa's literary world.


This book is compiled by Jia Pingwa's several correspondences with relatives, friends, readers, editors, etc. in recent years. The writer's summary of his creative experience, his humble and sincere discussions with his colleagues, and his memories and nostalgia for his relatives and friends, which embodies the profound personal feelings of the writer, is a key to exploring Jia Pingwa's spiritual world. The words are simple and touching, and they are like words, like an elder sitting opposite you and pulling you home, making people feel a sense of intimacy.


This book is a record of Jia Pingwa's personal travels to the west. Wherever he goes, there is not only a certain west of China's poorest region, but also a Silk Road carrying a heavy history. The writer dedicates himself to the body, observes the local living environment and the local customs with his eyes. The texts exuding earthy smells are full of enthusiasm and compassion. The reading is moving, and the readers have a unique western world.