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Book Design
Client : yilin press

Middle-aged writer Miao Wei gives his answer in this book. After the birth of his son, Miao Wei successively wrote thirty-eight letters, long, short, and little by little, recalling his growth and recording the experience in certain episodes. I only hope that the child will one day in the future. In some troubles, you can use these records to know that you are not alone. These long and short letters revolve around four key words: knowledge, beauty, morality, and home, which are also the four elements of a great life that a strong parent can send to his child. Looking back at these letters, Miao Wei said: "In the beginning it was all the joy of life, but later it showed some sadness, some pessimism. I have encountered some grievances, and also encountered many joys. I have n’t had any major events, but A few textbooks, I will tell you the experience in the book and the experience in real life, like opening a baby box that has been accumulated for many years: son, come here, don't be afraid of your jokes, show you. "

Miao Wei, born in 1968, novelist. Published works "Sunday Morning Hike", "Widows Have Diseases", "Bread Will Have", "Let Me Go to the Flower World", etc.