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The author Zhou Kai told a contemporary family story that disappeared in the clouds of history, and three-dimensionally revived the life scene of Sichuan citizens in the late Qing Dynasty.

It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty in Jiading (Leshan), Sichuan, the wealthy businessman Li Pufu was wealthy, and his wife and son were in six bedrooms, but none of them carried the incense. Another child was later named Liu Taiqing, and since then the two brothers have a great disparity.The novel uses the different destinies of the two brothers as clues, and reproduces the local customs and folk wild interest of Shuzhong a century ago. Teahouses, dyeing shops, restaurants, wine shops, green houses, etc., the gas of the wells sprang forth; brothers, robbers, compradors, and trackmen ... Reading this book, such as sitting in a tea house, listening to people setting up the Longmen array, there are so many things, the true and the false are indistinguishable.