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Different from the youth literature that generally describes love, Zhou Wanjing's "Hidden Monarch Girl" focuses on the anxiety and plight of young people in the post-80s and post-90s generations of contemporary China. Through the twin cities of Beijing and Hong Kong, a young female journalist is described A spiritual journey to return home. The protagonist in the book, Wu Jinyu, is an ordinary courtyard boy. Her mother left her and went to the United States when she was a child. Her childhood was spent missing her mother and complaining about her father. The estrangement of her relationship with her father made her like to confide in strangers. She repeatedly worked with many men, looking for love, looking for mother, and looking for herself. These men, artists, musicians, publishers, cafe owners, lively images on paper, around Wu Jinyu outline a map of the Beijing literary circle, telling the secrets hidden by generations .

Zhou Wanjing, a young scholar and writer. Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Brown University, USA, Ph.D. Former editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Collection. Won the Hong Kong City Literature Award in 2012. In 2014, he participated in the planning of the Hong Kong Fringe Club “Wandering Man Yin Art Festival”. Currently, art review columns are available in Taiwan's "Collection" and Hong Kong "Art Plus" magazine. He is the author of a collection of prose reviews "One Man's Europe" and "Qing Si Ji", and a novella "Dating Girls".


周婉京,青年学者,作家。美国布朗大学哲学系访问学者,北京大学艺术哲学博士。曾任香港《大公报》收藏版主编。2012年获得香港城市文学奖。2014年参与策划香港艺穗会“漫步漫音艺术节”。目前在台湾《典藏》与香港《Art Plus》杂志开设艺术评论专栏。著有散文评论集《一个人的欧洲》与《清思集》,中篇小说《相亲者女》。