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Ru Zhijuan and Wang Anyi are rare mother-daughter writers in contemporary Chinese literature. They have a lasting and profound influence in the literary world. The two were invited to participate in the "Iowa International Writing Project" event in 1983, and then went to the east and west coast of the United States to give lectures and travel, which were welcomed by overseas cultural circles. They recorded what they saw and thought along the way. Impureness is a portrayal of exotic scenery. It is more a sense of American society at various levels, a portrayal of the Chinese American world, especially international students, and a description of friendship with writers and friends.

茹志鹃、王安忆是当代中国文坛中鲜有的母女作家。她们在文坛具有持续且深远的影响力。她俩于一九八三年应邀参加美国“爱荷华国际写作计划”活动,其后又到美国东西岸讲演和旅行,受到海外文化界的欢迎。她们沿途录下所见所闻所想。笔下不纯是异域风光的描绘,更多是对美国社会各种层面的体察 ,对美国华人世界特别是留学生的刻画,及与作家和文友交谊的抒描。