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"The Man Who Made the Hotel" was written by the author for ten years. He explored the "Top Ten Classic Hotels" of the three major architectural masters.
The author's encounter with each hotel has become a unique "preciousness" in his life. He not only analyzed the subtleties of these hotel designs in detail, explained them in depth, but also dug deeply between the architect and the client behind the hotel Touching and intriguing past. In these stories, there are trust, ingenuity, obsession, guardianship, and regrets ... Ordinary but straight to the heart, revealing the essential beauty of wooden architecture.
The author combines rich photos, vivid notes, and rigorous examination of various elements to vividly show readers the traditional architecture with unique vitality in Japan.

Inaba Inaba (稲 叶 な お と)
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1959, writer and photographer, graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Architecture. Participated in the design of many commercial buildings and high-end residences as a first-level architect. His long-form chronicle "Distant Palace-A Trip to Dream Hotel" won the JTB Jixing Literature Award. Later, he published novels, travel notes, and photography collections on the subject of travel and architecture. There are "Sara's Wings", "Towards the Unknown Hotel", "Artistic Decoration Style, Hotel" and so on.
作者与每家旅馆的相遇 都成了其人生当中独一无二的“珍贵”,他不仅对这些旅馆设计的精妙之处剖析得细致入微、深入浅出,更是深挖了旅馆背后建筑师与委托人之间感人至深、耐人寻味的建造往事。这些故事里有信赖、有匠心、有执念、有守护,也有遗憾……平凡却直抵人心,揭示出木造建筑的本质之美。