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Book Design
Client : jiangsu literature & art publishing house

The new edition of Collected Works of A Cheng is published by Han Tang Yang Guang and Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House, including works of Three Kings (The Chess Master · The King of Children, The King of Trees) and other six works. Yang Kui is invited as the reviser. X1000 is responsible for the visual design of the new edition of Collected Works of A Cheng.

In the perspective of font, Jin Nong’s calligraphy is deemed to be able to accurately reflect A Cheng’s literature works .Basing on the modern printing Song typeface and taking the structure of Jin Nong’s calligraphy for reference, X1000 designs a set of printing archaize font and applies the font on the cover of this set of books as the main visual element.
X1000 adjusts the middle space and redraw the special strokes. Compare with the regular Song typeface, the archaize font has a higher barycentre and a looser middle space. Therefore, the designers conclude the features of the two fonts and highlight the peculiarities of Jin Nong’s calligraphy in the design without changing the basic principles of regular Song typeface.

The regular Song typeface has a balanced right-and left structure. The new typeface has a sloping structure with the left side lower than the right side. Meanwhile, in order to emphasize the style of handwriting strokes and woodcarving, the designers add a small hook and raising stroke to the regular vertical stroke, making the archaize font alike to Jin Nong’s calligraphy.

When designing the whole collection, designers use the archaize Jin Nong Font to create the sense of consistency and highlight the blank in the sketch paintings. This effortless design coincide with A Cheng’s literature style.