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Book Design
Client : Yilin Press
YEAR : 2016

"Fake the True Time" is a collection of prose works by Huang Yining, a well-known writer and translator in Shanghai, and a senior editor of foreign literature in recent years. .
The first part, "before forgetting," is a reminiscent essay. The family stories, the songs that have been heard, the unforgettable people, the home-cooked food that has been eaten, and the old translators who have gone, all show the charming tension of non-fictional styles in the author's pen. We also rely on these narratives to look back on a life, a life, an era; the second part, "After Narration," is a commentary on novels and movies, focusing on the "translation" between literature and video, exploring the story. The transformation has demonstrated a technique for text intensive reading. The two parts interpret each other to form a three-dimensional puzzle that is both imaginary and vivid, and also shows the author's mature view of literature.