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My Father and Mother
Writer Xiao Fuxing writes his emotional intertwined relationship with his father, mother, stepmother and sister. In the difficult years, parents and sisters expressed their love for the author in the most simple way, and this love was passed to the son Xiao Tie through the author. The author also recalls the educated youth of the Great Northern Wilderness, records the precious friendships of special years, and records the memory of a generation of youth. This is not only the story of Xiao family, but also the epitome of thousands of families.

My Music Notes
He was awarded the first Ice Heart Prose Award and has been reprinted and printed many times. This new revision, the latest work. Xiao Fuxing connects the history of music with the stories of musicians.

Xiao Fu, a famous writer, was born in 1947. He entered the Great Northern Wilderness in 1968 and joined the Central Academy of Drama in 1982. He once served as deputy editor of "People's Literature" and deputy editor-in-chief of "Selected Novels".