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The pedigree of this exhibition is the pedigree of artists and paintings. It is different from the pedigree of Foucault, but I have a rough understanding and reading of Foucault's pedigree. Some of them are very similar, and they seem to be related to me. The genealogical approach used by Foucault is, first, parody. Parody breaks the sacred and solemnity of monumental history and the taboos and dogmas of the scientific, empirical, realistic, and objective nature of history , Breaking the irreversibility and irreproducibility of history. Parody is a kind of "happy science" that Nietzsche calls, and it takes part in history with a carnival of singing and dancing. Secondly, the critical approach is event analysis and discontinuity analysis. Eventization treats objects as a complex system composed of a variety of various factors, as accidental, discontinuous, and heterogeneous events. The Internet has thus broken the conservative philosophy of treating historical objects as an identity, a law, a taboo, and an essentialism.

Lou Shenyi, born in Shangyu, Zhejiang, in 1973, currently lives and works in Hangzhou.

这个展览的谱系是艺术家和画作的谱系,不同于福柯的谱系学,但我粗粗了解和读了一下福柯的谱系,有些很有同感,似乎与我也有些关联,引用一些 。福柯所运用的谱系学的手法,首先是戏仿(parody),戏仿打破了纪念碑式的历史的神圣庄严性,打破了历史的科学性、实证性、现实性和客观性的禁忌和教条,打破了历史的不可逆和不可重复性。戏仿是一种尼采所说的“快乐的科学”,它以载歌载舞的狂欢参与到历史之中。其次,批判性的手法是事件化和非连续性分析,事件化将对象视为由各种各样杂多的因素构成的复杂体系,视为偶然的、非连续性的、异质的事件交错网络,从而打破了那种将历史对象视为一种同一性、一种律法、一种禁忌、一种本质主义的保守哲学。



"As an ancient art, painting is so simple and difficult to read. In different regions, different races, and different cultural backgrounds, painting has very different standards, even in different periods of the same artist, different types In the works, the author is also likely to have contradictory demands for painting; the practice of different standards and different demands has derived a mixed painting pedigree. "