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Spring Breeze-Liu Heungshing  Exhibition

As the first exhibition to return to the 798 Art District, Star Space will hold Liu Xiangcheng's solo exhibition "Spring Breeze" at Beijing Gallery Week 2019.
Pulitzer Prize-winning and documentary photographer Liu Xiangcheng used his iconic works to tell of two extremely important historical moments of the 20th century: the rise of China and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. As a photographer, Liu Xiangcheng's creative philosophy lies in exploring, clarifying, and revealing the complexity, flaws, and fragility of grand narratives, as well as the unreasonable words and differences in appearance. From China to Russia, he used daily life as the touchstone of the times, and used photography to show the impact of ideology on civilians and social features.
In 1983, Liu Xiangcheng's photography collection "China After Mao" was launched by Penguin Books, which caused a strong response. Newsweek hailed him as "Bresson in China". All of the works in the "Spring Breeze" exhibition are selected from this landmark publication, and pay more attention to the ordinary events of ordinary people he photographed.


1983年,刘香成摄影集《毛以后的中国》经企鹅出版(Penguin Books)推出后引发了强烈反响,《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)将他誉为“中国的布列松”。“春风”一展的全部作品均选自这部具有里程碑意义的出版物,并更加注重呈现他所拍摄的普通人的平常事件。