The Great Enterprise
Book Design

Wei Feide, one of the "three masters of Sinology" in the United States, the "green light" in the eyes of the North Island.
Professor Wei Feide's famous masterpiece "The Great Enterprise" is unique in its ingenuity. It takes a part of the dynasty cycle in Chinese history - the process of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as a subject of thinking. From the grand background of politics, economy, culture, society, nation and national defense, this book makes a general anatomy of how an empire will eventually fall into an inextricable dilemma and how another empire will rebuild its order and become strong. And perspective.



Client : New Star Press
Year : 2017

Client : New Star Press
Year : 2017
It makes people see that the system and order of the Chinese Empire naturally contain factors that are inconsistent, and the dynasty replacement constitutes the mechanism and means of rebuilding the order;

the Manchus are regarded as a kind of reconstruction order. Special motivation.

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