Ryu Mitsuse
Book Design

Guang Yulong (1928.3.18-1999.7.7), the real name of the rice cooker Xi Meixiong, was born in Tokyo. It was the first generation of science fiction writers in Japan after the war, and was also recognized as one of the most important science fiction writers in Japan. In 1958, he began to create science fiction novels. In 1967, he became a professional writer.
Plato, the Greek philosopher, the prince Siddhartha of India, and the savior of Jesus of Nazareth, they perceive the destruction of the world and perceive the existence of the transcender who ruled the world from outside. Thus, in the multi-billion-year-old universe, in the distant future before the epoch, to the unimaginable distant future, they challenged the unrivalled force for the survival of mankind... around time, space, The founding, the end, the gods, and the humans, this book has constructed a magnificent pyramid of Japanese SF novels on a huge scale.


Client : New Star Press
Year : 2017