The Art of Rivalry
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Matisse and Picasso, Manet and Degas, Freud and Bacon, Pollock and De Kunin, eight great painters in the history of modern art. They have been close to each other, they have been radiant, and they have been alienated from each other and resent each other.
The author does not explore bitterness and hate attacks, but attempts to analyze the fragile and susceptible creative style of the art world, the admiration, imitation, concession, and willingness to “accept the influence of style” under the influence of interpersonal relationships. Sex, explore the difficult balance between being attracted and retaining uniqueness.


Client : Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing
Year :2017

Client : Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing
Year :2017
"The Art of Competition" explores the way to become an artist, step by step to achieve your own style, and to make your own voice - which is almost always accompanied by an intentional departure from the expectations of others.


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