From history of the book to history of reading
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Dai Lianbin, Ph.D., is currently a teacher at East Asia Department of Harvard University, and is a lecturer on Chinese book history and Chinese history (700-1800).
Reading history is a branch of the history of books that reveals the practical role of books in history. The original intention of this book is to discuss the research methods of reading history. The literature is from English monographs or English translations of other European monographs. It mainly explores the history of reading and the history of books from the Middle Ages to the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic, and attempts to study from these studies. Seeking inspiration and constructive thinking.



Client : New Star Press
Year : 2017

Client : New Star Press
Year : 2017

The universe now appeared to me as a void wherein floated rare flakes of snow, each flake a universe.

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