Founded in 2014, One Thousand Times is a multi-disciplinary branding & visual communication studio based in Beijing, providing consultation and planning in branding and visual identity. One Thousand Times provides integrated visual solutions to the community, including visual identity, art direction, graphic design, curating, spatial design and publication design, with a dedication to artistic thinking and innovation. Through in-depth cooperation with cultural institutions and businesses, x1000 is able to extende influence and new possibility into the public domain.

一千遍是一家位于北京和上海的多领域品牌和视觉传播工作室,自2014年起主要从事创意传达与品牌整合策略的咨询与规划。 一千遍专注于公共领域的视觉传播,在品牌视觉形象、艺术指导、图形创意、展览策划、空间规划及出版等工作中,提供具有艺术探索精神与创造性的解决案,通过和各类商业和文化机构的深入合作,广泛的介入到公共领域的重建过程之中,提供更多的可能。

Zhu Sha | Art Director, Graphic Designer
Now lives and works in Beijing, China. Co-founder of One Thousand Times Studio, design director of Tank Shanghai. He works primarily in visual identity, art direction and editorial design. Awards include Golden Pin Design Award of Taiwan, Golden Jacket Design, Milan A Design, Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Hii Typography and have been selected into Tokyo Type Directions Club Annual book, Asia-Pacific Design, Mercedes-Benz China Design etc.

朱砂 | 艺术总监,平面设计师
2014年联合成立一千遍工作室、现任油罐艺术中心设计总监,主要从事品牌设计、艺术指导与书籍装帧。作品获东京TDC提名奖、台湾金点奖、金衣奖、米兰A design、苏格兰国际海报节、Hii Typography等奖项,收录于历年ADP亚太设计年鉴,梅赛德斯奔驰-中国设计年鉴等。

Roger Lo | Creative Director, Graphic Designer
He has worked with a variety of clients, including Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, National Art Museum of China, Inside-Out Art Museum, Sculpting in time Café, Lost and Found, Global Home Shopping Channel, CCTV, Cendre Hotel Beijing, New Star Press, CITIC Press Corporation ; awards include Red Dot Award, Taiwan Books Kingdee Award.

Roger Lo | 创意总监,平面设计师

One Thousand Times 一千遍工作室

A. 605 Gongmei Building, 797 Street, 798 Art District, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road
    Chaoyang Dr, Beijing, CN
    北京市 朝阳区 酒仙桥路2号 798艺术区 797街 工美楼 605

A. 135 Yenping Rd, Jing'an District, Shanghai, CN.
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