Branding, Identity Design

Muff is the emerging perfume brand, brand slogan is "Plants in the air", emphasizing the importance of plants around in life. Products only use pure plant oil and organic materials, from the spread of artificial flavors in the market, return to the relationship between nature and people.

In 2017, Muff launched the latitude series candles, using the Earth's latitude to mark the plant aroma of different regions, in the design, using the virtual and real two sides to embody the invisible plant field. And using different figures to reflect the connotation of latitude.

muff為新興香氛品牌,品牌標語”plants in the air”,強調植物在圍繞在生活中的重要性。產品僅使用純植物精油與有機原料,從人工香精氾濫的市場中,重新回歸自然與人的關係。


Client: muff